Learning about dental health

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On Friday February 7th 2020, I’m Big Now Learning Center had Volunteers in Medicine visit and discuss dental health. Darcie Schaffer and Tricia Harenza talked to the students about brushing their twice a day, healthy food and drinks, dental visits and bought their puppet friend, Katie Kangaroo. Katie Kangaroo helps the students practice the proper way to brush with her big teeth and oversized toothbrush. The volunteers also gave each student a toothbrush and toothpaste in a take home goodie bag.

Pictured is our Kindergarten/First Grade Class: Summer Remus, Alanis Thomas, Damon Culver, Tricia Harenza holding Katie Kangaroo, Darcie Schaffer, Ryan Lynn Litz-Durkin, Leora Levy, and Oliver Piazza