Class Overview

Maximum Class Size is 12 Students, assuring individualized instruction for each child. PA Certified Early Childhood Teacher. Hands-on learning, experiments, games and activities are included in a CURRICULUM developed and updated to meet or exceed Pennsylvania Standards for First Grade. Language and Literacy are integrated throughout all areas of the First and Second Grade curriculum.

  • Evaluations, Report Cards, and Parent Conferences are given twice a year.
  • Field Trips and/or Special in-house Programs are held monthly.
  • A Pizza Lunch is given once a month, daily lunches should be brought from home.
  • Monthly Newsletters are created and distributed.
  • Parent participation is encouraged at all times. Bring in a craft or story to share in your child’s class.

The Details

We offer Full-Day Primary Grade licensed by the Pennsylvania Department of Education.

Primary starts at 8:00am.

Age Group
6 Years by Sept 30
Class Size
12 Children


We use McGraw-Hill “My Math Book” series and supplement with facts, hands-on activities and real world experiences.


Our primary classed will be using Houghton-Mifflin curriculum supplemented by phonics, phonemic awareness and comprehensive skills.

Phys Ed

Given daily, practice gross motor skills while fostering good sportsmanship and team building skills.


Children are given various activities for extending vocabulary including weekly spelling tests and work on basic grammar skills.


Our curriculum includes monthly science items, hands-on science experiments supplemented with National Geographic Science Units.


Different methods and genres of music will be discussed. Dancing, theater and producing music will be learned.


Students will be practicing writing skills through writing assignments, holiday projects and journaling.

Social Studies

Monthly and seasonal theory learned through games and activities. Topics include: holidays, economics, geography and civics.


Different methods of art will be learned while correlating to curriculum in other subjects, also artists from different time periods and countries.

What The Parents Say

Meet Our Teacher

The Mission of I’m Big Now is to provide the best early childhood educational program.