Volunteers of Medicine Visit I’m Big Now Learning Center

Volunteers of Medicine Visit I'm Big Now Learning Center

On Thursday April 28th, Darcy Schaffer and Austin Wood from Volunteers in Medicine came into I’m Big Now Learning Center to discuss Dental Health with the students. Darcy led the discussion about proper brushing, flossing, and using mouthwash. She also talked about the best times of the day to brush your teeth. Finally, she talked with the students about healthy drinks and food choices for our dental health.

In the picture is Brayden Kronenwetter, Charlotte Seigel, Kashton Shaw, Landon Smith, Nico Alunni, Darcy Schaffer, Austin Wood, Katelyn Krachun, Silas Dawson, Oakland Pockevich, Wyatt Alexis, and Dominic Alvarez.