A fun time for 3 to 12 year olds at I’m Big Now.

Our Summer Camp offers hands-on learning activities, arts and crafts, videos, stories, music and movement, playtime and snack for 3 – 12 year olds

Full-Day Camp – $150.00

(8:30am – 4:30pm)

Half-Day Camp – $120.00

(8:30am – 1:30pm)

Each Elementary Camp will culminate in a field trip at a small additional cost.

Afternoon activities will include outdoor play, yoga, Spanish, games, reading and other fun.

Summer Camp Schedule

Campfire Fun

Primary and Elementary Combined
Stories, songs, snacks and crafts. Fun for all ages.

I am a Peaceful Person

Primary (ages 3-6)
Early foundation of conflict resolution, hippie crafts and peaceful fun.

Sports Camp

Elementary (ages 7-12)
Exercising good sportsmanship and learning fundamentals of fun.

“Moving and Grooving”

Primary (ages 3-6)
Singing, dancing, tumbling, playing instruments – a musical menagerie!

“Things that go bump in the night”

Elementary (ages 7-12)
Learn about the nighttime critters that call Pennsylvania home!

Eric Carle Camp

Primary (ages 3-6)

Enter the colorful world of Eric Carle through story telling and art.
Create your own stroybook!

Music and Movement

Elementary (ages 7-12)
Learn the fundamentals of music; sing, dance and play an instrument which you can take home after camp is over!

Fun at the Movies

Primary (ages3-6)

Explore a different children’s movie each day with crafts, songs and costumes.


Elementary (ages 7-12)

Experiment and create using science, technology, engineering, art and math.

Once Upon A Time

Primary (ages 3-6)
Whether you like princess parties or slaying dragons, this is the camp for you.

Movies Through The Years

Elementary (ages 7-12)
Explore movies from black-adn-white to modern animation and create your own movie.

The Artist In Me

Primary (ages 3-6)
Learn about different artists and create many one-of-a-kind works of art.

Fun And Peace Camp

Elementary (ages 7-12)
Learn some basic conflict resolution skills while making new friends and having fun.

Exploring The World Around Us

Primary (ages 3-6)
Take a look at the great outdoors, create natural art and experiment.

Fun With Puppety

Elementary (ages 7-12)
Use puppets, make puppets and perform fun skills.

Paint, Paper And Clay… Oh My!

Primary (ages 3-6)
Have fun creating all sorts of fun art projects.

Summer Theater Workshop

Elementary (ages 7-12)
Enjoy experimenting with makeup, improvisation and performing a one-act play.

The Zoo For You

Primary (3-6)
Spend the week immersed in zoo-themed crafts, snacks and activities.

Playing Games

Elementary (7-12)
From low-tech to high-tech, enjoy playing games from the past to the present.

Beginning With Steam

Primary (ages 3-6)
Experiment, learn and create in this course of this fun camp.

“Let’s Cook” – Recipes for Learning

Elementary (ages 7-12)
Food prep, cooking skills, plate presentation and table setting. Plus, participate in a cooking challenge.

Let’s Cook

Primary (ages 3-6)
A simplified, fun version of the elementary cooking camp.

Once Upon A Time and Other Fun Beginnings

Elementary (ages 7-12)
An exciting and enriching environment for writing fun where you can create and showcase your best pieces.

Puppets And More

Primary (ages 3-6)
Enjoy creating and experimenting with many types of puppets.

Explore Where You Live

Elementary (ages 7-12)
Legends, lore and a bit of history of the Wyoming Valley and the Back Mountain.


Meet new people and make new friends.

Play Areas

We have many indoor and outdoor spaces to keep children busy.


Our staff will make sure your child has a great time.


Our fun has always included time for new learning.


We have years of successful camps behind us.


We provide many interesting subjects that inspire and teach.

Voted SUPER-DUPER by children of all ages.